Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements

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The 70-346 exam deals with advanced topics that require candidates to have an excellent
working knowledge of both Office 365 and Windows Server. Some of the exam comprises

topics that even experienced Office 365 and Windows Server administrators may rarely en-
counter, unless they are consultants who deploy new Office 365 tenancies on a regular basis.

To be successful in taking this exam, candidates not only need to understand how to deploy

and manage Office 365, they need to understand how to integrate Office 365 with an on-
premises Active Directory environment.

Candidates for this exam are Information Technology (IT) Professionals who want to
validate their advanced Office 365 and Windows Server management skills, configuration
skills, and knowledge. To pass this exam, candidates require a strong understanding of how
to provision Office 365, plan and implement networking and security in Office 365, manage
cloud identities, configure and manage identity synchronization between on-premises and
cloud Active Directory instances, implement and manage federated identities, as well as have
the ability to monitor and troubleshoot Office 365 availability and usage. To pass, candidates
require a thorough theoretical understanding as well as meaningful practical experience
implementing the technologies involved.
This book covers every exam objective, but it does not cover every exam question. Only

the Microsoft exam team has access to the exam questions themselves and Microsoft regu-
larly adds new questions to the exam, making it impossible to cover specific questions. You

should consider this book a supplement to your relevant real-world experience and other

study materials. If you encounter a topic in this book that you do not feel completely com-
fortable with, use the links you’ll find in text to find more information and take the time to re-
search and study the topic. Great information is available on TechNet, through MVA courses,

and in blogs and forums.

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