Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

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This book covers Microsoft Azure from a high-level perspective, consistent with the Microsoft
Certification Exam 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions. The target audience for

this book includes solution architects, DevOps engineers, and QA engineers already famil-
iar with building, deploying, and monitoring scalable solutions with existing development

tools, to some extent including Microsoft Azure. The material covered in this book builds on
your existing knowledge and experience designing, developing, implementing, automating,
and monitoring Microsoft Azure, extending that knowledge to the current state of platform
features, development techniques, and management tools. In this book, you’ll find coverage

of design and implementation concepts, guidance on applying features, step-by-step instruc-
tions, and references to appropriate code listings for specific examples.

The 70-532 and 70-533 exams collectively validate that you have the skills and knowledge
necessary to design, deploy, and manage Microsoft Azure solutions. This book focuses on

exam 70-532 and prepares you from a development and DevOps perspective. Beyond sup-
porting your exam preparation, where possible, we endeavored to include insights from our

own experiences helping customers migrate and manage their solutions on the Microsoft
Azure platform.
This book covers every exam objective, but it does not cover every exam question. Only

the Microsoft exam team has access to the exam questions themselves and Microsoft regu-
larly adds new questions to the exam, making it impossible to cover specific questions. You

should consider this book a supplement to your relevant real-world experience and other

study materials. If you encounter a topic in this book that you do not feel completely com-
fortable with, use the links you’ll find in text to find more information and take the time to

research and study the topic. Great information is available on MSDN, TechNet, and in blogs
and forums.

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